Peru En Route

Tips to travel around Perú.


Sergio Reyna

Hi, I love writing as much as traveling around Peru, and I want to share this experience with you.

My blood comes from the jungle (Iquitos), my vital experience from the coast (Lima), but my heart belongs to the Andes.

Now I live in Cusco.


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  1. Thank you very much for your comment!

    The best piece of advice about the Inca Trail is to acclimatize a few days in Cusco or the Sacred Valley which is lower altitude.

    You may also like to do a half day-hike (3 or 4 hours) nearby Cusco before the Inca trail.

    Best regards.


  2. Hi Sergio! Guess I am not the first to congratulate you on your informative blog. I’ll be visiting Peru in April next year and looking forward to hike the Inca Trail. Thanks for your tips! Cheers!


  3. Eduardo, gracias por tu comentario.
    Hay un camino inca desde Pachacamac hasta el nevado Pariacaca, aunque ya algunas agencias lo hacen pero desde Pariacaca bajando a la costa.
    Actualmente hay todo un equipo de profesionales tratando de revalorizar el Qapaq Ñam e incluso hay una propuesta ante la UNESCO para declarar este camino como patrimonio cultural de la humanidad y que involucra a otros paises como Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile e incluso Argentina.


  4. Hola Sergio, me alegro y te felicito todo el trabajo que realizas por difundir todas las maravillas que tiene nuestro querido país, es admirable saber que dedicas tu tiempo por esta loable causa, mi admiración hermano. Una pregunta, escuche que se dio una caminata desde lima hasta cuzco siguiendo camino inca, todavía se dan? Espero visitar cuzco pronto, un abrazo.


  5. Peter, thanks for reading my blog.
    Talking about Qenqo, I have not seen nor spotted any higher place nearby in order to see the pillars from a distance.


  6. Hi Sergio,

    Thank you for this informative blog. Regarding Qenqo, I will be in Cusco a few days after the winter solstice and was wondering whether it is possible to go there for the sunrise and see the sunlight hit the pillars from a distance, even if we can not enter the immediate area?

    – Peter


  7. Hello, thank you for writing this blog. I recently visited Peru and fell in love with the Andes. Now I’m trying to find work in Cusco so I can go back. Your blog is helping to keep looking when it all seems so impossible.


  8. Hi Sergio,

    Thank you very much for your advice. You’re awesome!! Your advice certainly eased some of our worries regarding the festival. I read somewhere that police in the recent years had tried to get people off of the hills near Sacsayhuaman during the ceremony so we might just buy the seats with EMUFEC just to be safe. Thanks again for your help!!!! =)



  9. Stephanie,

    This is my suggestion in case you want to do it by yourself without travel agency which in my opinion is not necessary.

    Get up early in the morning in try to be at the Temple of the Sun or Qorikancha at 6am in order to get a good location, just below or in front of the round “tower”.

    After that, just go to Sacsayhuaman, that day the only way to do it is by walking, and try to hike one of the two hills. For sure, when you get there there will be many many people just waiting for the festival which starts like 1pm.

    Avoid or quit to see the second show around the main square otherwise you will not get any space at sacsayhuaman.

    on the other hand, you can book seats via internet independently without a travel agency. If so, EMUFEC will give you seats just in front of the dance floor, so to speak.

    The festival is in Quechua, so spanish or english speaking people just enjoy the dances!!! in sacsayhuaman bring sun block, hat and binoculars!!

    Please, in case you have another question just let me know!!! I am glad to give you


  10. Hi Sergio,

    I found your posting re Inti Raymi and really appreciate your suggestion regarding the festival. My friends and I (a total of 8 of us) are going to stay in Cuzco for a few days to attend the festival from the US this year. Many tour operators have a one-day tour for the festival…we are not sure if we should have a guide with us so we could get from one place to the other easier on the day of the festival. We are also not sure if the tickets with EMUFEC are necessary in order to fully enjoy the festival (the tickets are quite expensive). Do you have any suggestions? Thank you very much in advance for any tips you could give us…we are somewhat nervous about this since we don’t speak Spanish and are not sure what is necessary to fully enjoy the festival. =)


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