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The Chachapoyas´ Mausoleums

In addition to sarcophagi, the Chachapoyas also built mausoleums with the same pattern: on the very cliffs of the mountains. These mausoleums, locally known as pucullos or chullpas, resemble small houses which were made out of polished stones. Some of … Continue reading

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Kuelap: the icon of the Chachapoyas culture

Today I start a series of nine posts that I will publish every other day about one of the least studied pre-Inca cultures as well as a remote Peruvian region: the Chachapoyas. According to the Father Blas Valera, and one … Continue reading

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On the map, there was not any road from Celendín to Leymebamba, but I had decided to follow this alternative route despite the unknown. This was the first time I would cross the Andes mountain range by land, and the purpose was … Continue reading

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