inca site huanacaure

Cusco´s Mythical Mountain:

huanacauri inca site

Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, his sister and wife, look down at the Cusco Valley from the summit of the Huanacauri hill. The wind sweeps the ichu shrub as the first Inca tries to sink a bar made of gold. After a few days doing the same since they left the Lake Titicaca following the order of their Father Sun, the bar finally buries and disappears in the ground.

This is how one of the legends of the foundation of Cusco city goes.

The nearest town to this site is the community of Kircas, 40-minute away from Cusco by bus.

Huanacauri - Cusco
The first Inca watched the Cusco Valley from here
Huanacauri - Cusco
There is a small archaeological site at Huanacauri mountain
Festival at Huanacauri

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