Paqarincama. That is the only Quechua word I know even so far, and that would not be enough to speak with the people of LLachon. Llachon is a Quechuan pretty little village community on the Peninsula of Capachica on the Lake Titicaca´s shore. Fortunately, most of the villagers spoke spanish too, so it was easier for me to ask directions while I walked to this village.

This corner on the lake is surrounded by isolated beaches such as Chifrón, Escallani, Chillora, and Ccollpa.

the way to follow

Even though I had to walk a couple of hours to reach this remote village, I did not suffer altitude sickness. The days were shiny, and the nights were not cold, as one would suppost due to the high altitude.

arch is a common feature here

Llachon is the ideal place for kayakers who want to practice this sport in order to visit the nearby islands as well as for travelers who want to stay at local homes.

a village on Titicaca´s shore

A stone arch at the entrance of a house means that you are about to come in to a family house. There are dozens of rustic lodges in Llachon. Most of them still have totora reed roofs…

a family house

…but there are a few houses with corrugated material.

the traditional and modern altogether

You can overnight at one of these family homes. The views are just spectacular; you can even see the nearby island of Amantani only 11 km away.

the island of Amantani on the horizon

The best lookout is atop the hill Auki Carus where there is also a pre-Inca archaeological site called Inca Cancha.

the best lookout of Llachon

Some views from Llachon over the lake:

village and the lake

go down to the beach

an old pool for trouts

on the shore

fauna of the lake

It is even possible to watch the Bolivia´s snowcapped Cordillera Real.

a view of snow capped mountain

I lost a great chance to learn Quechua words here in Llachon, but now I realize that I should learn that language. But in the meantime, I tell you: Paqarincama which means “see you tomorrow”.

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