Iron House and other mansions in Iquitos

The Iron House is by far the most iconic architectural attraction in Iquitos. It is present in all guide books and touristic brochures in addition to the other city sites such as the main square and its church, the Malecón Tarapacá and Belén Market. The Iron House, which is located on the first block of the Próspero street just in front of the main square, represents the splendor and horror that Iquitos lived through the rubber boom between 1880 and 1920.

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Museums in Iquitos

iquitos museum

What to do in the city of Iquitos?

This Amazon city has three museums that you may want to visit. It seems that they are the only museums in the city and two of them are brand-new.

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How much time do you need in Choquequirao?


Choquequirao is a huge archaeological site and some scholars dare to say that it is even larger than Machu Picchu. The point is that Choquequirao is still under excavation and there are still some spots covered by vegetation. This is clear as soon as you go by the Marampata lookout and get to an area called Sunchupata, just in front of the site, and you can see as if the very steep Choquequirao mountain were divided into sections of Incan buildings separated by the dense forest. And at the back of all this, there is still another section: the terraces that have llama figures.

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Singing in the Rain???

I am at the main square of Cusco and suddenly it starts pouring down. While everyone runs away to get shelter under the arcades, I put on my rain jacket and stay in the middle of the plaza feeling the rain. This true story happened many years ago when I was just a tourist in Cusco. Coming from Lima, a city where we only know drizzle during June to August, I was happy under the rain.

rain in cusco

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Thoughts enroute

cusco square

A nice place to read a book, Plaza Regocijo.

In a few days it is going to be two months since I have not updated my dear blog. My two passions, writing and traveling, are still alive, however. I have been writing for others, you know, there are bills to pay, even though I do not consider that an excuse to go away from my own blog. The same story happened last year when I was so busy working (thanks God!!!) that I was not able to update my blog nearly one year.

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Choquequirao useful info

choquequirao to machupicchu

This is what I have found on my search for information about the Choquequirao trek (there is also the possibility to continue to Machu Picchu):

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Choquequirao tips for a solo trek


A building in Choquequirao

Choquequirao is an archaeological site as magnificent as Machupicchu. However, the former is less crowded than the latter and the reason is simple: the only way to get there is on foot.

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