I have already shown you some snacks in Cusco such as anticuchos, corn on the cob and potatoes with egg.

My favorite snacks are, by far, the tamal (1) and the empanada. Talking about empanadas, you should know there are three different kinds of them in Cusco. Take a look and then enjoy.

(1) The most popular tamales come from Tamales Josefina at the Portal de Belen around the main square of Cusco.

The classic empanada:

You can find this empanada all around Peru. If I am not wrong, it comes from the coast especially from Lima.

Options to choose: chicken, meat, cheese and mixed. Where: bakeries as well as on the streets.

peruvian food
the classic empanada that you can find in Cusco as well as all around Peru.
empanada peruvian food
empanada and salteñas

The local empanada:

I have not seen this empanada anywhere else except here in Cusco. It is flat and sweet and it is commonly prepared for religious feasts but you can find them all year round especially at the entrance of the Wanchaq market.

This empanada is flat but sweet

This comes from abroad:

This is called salteña and it is typical of Bolivia even though the woman who first did it was born in Salta, Argentina.

It is very juicy and it is always filled with meat so it is not good for vegetarians. Check Qera street 2nd block because there are two stores that prepare salteñas over there.

saltena cusco

And Pisaq, of course:

Pisaq is not only the archaeological site and the artisan market. Of course not. There are traditional ovens that are used to prepare delicious empanadas all year round.

preparing empanadas in a traditional oven in Pisaq

Yummy, right?

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