Killarumiyoq: the Moon´s Site

The Incas worshipped not only the Sun but also other elements of nature such as the Moon. Killarumiyoq is one of the least known and visited Inca archaeological sites but it is definitely worth a visit since this site has an astounding stone block carved with the shape of the moon, as scholars believe.


This was a ceremonial center dedicated to women as she is influenced by the Moon or Killa.

I Wanna Go There!
You can take station wagons all day long on the first block of Arcopata (see Google Map below). The road trip lasts about an hour.

These cars have their last stop at Curahuasi town, so you must tell the taxi driver to get you down at the turnoff to Killarumiyoq site just after the town of Ancahuasi. Actually the site is above the small village of San Martin de Porres to give more details. After that, it is easy to follow the path up to the site (see below the road from Ancahuasi to the site).


In August, a festival is held at Killarumiyoq


This site is just above the village San Martin de Porres to the northwest of Ancahuasi town

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