After three days in Leimebamba wishing to meet other travellers who were interested in hiking to the Laguna de las Momias (lake of the mummies) in group so it would be less expensive, I realized it was of no use to stay longer in that small town.

Another reason to stay those days was the rain (actually, three days is too much for a town that only has a remarkable museum, yes, but you can visit it thoroughly in a couple of hours). On my way from Celendin to Leimebamba on a truck, it started raining and it kept raining every day.

"pouring rain"

Last but not least, it was the lack of regular public transportation from Leimebamba to Chachapoyas or somewhere else. After three days, however, that would be no longer a problem for a backpacker.

I just began walking early in the morning. I did it for many hours indulging myself with the landscape of the cloud forest: mountains all over with deep and steep cliffs covered by a dense green forest. It is the Andes and the Jungle mixed together, and I had never seen such a breathtaking scenery.

"muddy road"

Suddenly, a red SUV appeared and I did not doubt a minute to hitchhike (this is part of being a backpacker, isn´t it?). It was an elderly couple who were born in this region, but they had lived in Lima since they were teenagers. They also told me they came back to this region once or twice a year to a very popular market or fair in the village of Yerbabuena.

This is a huge market that gathers dozens of farmers and peasants from all over this region, and it showcases not only cattle and local food but also machines for farmers and so on. Even the rain is not a hindrance for this fair to be held. Just take a look.

peasants and farmers arrive on trucks...

...on horses,

...and on foot even tough the poring rain. chachapoyas

this market is held once a week. chachapoyas

it gathers people from all Chachapoyas region

you can find everything here. chachapoyas

produce, textiles, cattle...chachapoyas

...local food too, chachapoyas

with a great view. chachapoyas

and you can drink chicha too. chachapoyas

yerbabuena market chachapoyas

Next post: the Chachapoyas descendants.

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