Traditional Clothing in the Lake Titicaca

Local people around the Lake Titicaca master the art of weaving as it is an ancient tradition which still plays an important role in the culture of these people.

As you walk around either Taquile, the Uros floating islands or around the Capachica Peninsula you will see women, men and even children knitting, weaving or embroidering different kinds of textiles such as blouses, caps or chullos, hats or monteras, jackets, sweaters, scarves, vests and so on. The result is colorful and well-made alpaca and woolen textiles which designs say about their social life.

In the island of Taquile men always wear calf-length black pants, white shirts and colorful waist bands. In addition to that, men´s marital status is expressed by the color of their woven woolen hats or chullos:

married men use red hats…

…while single men wear red and white chullos

Not only do men wear black clothes but also women who are embellished by skirts with many layers, headdresses, and shawls. They also make delicately embroidered blouses and colored mantles or llicllas.

weaving with backstrap looms

On the contrary, Uros people wear colorful garments.

In Capachica, the most attractive women´s attire is the colorful hats.

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2 Responses to Traditional Clothing in the Lake Titicaca

  1. Personalmente considero que las actuales embarcaciones de totora de los Uros se han rediseñado y que no necesariamente corresponden a como los antiguos Uros los construyeron pero eso es algo que justamente se deberia investigar y esclarecer.

    Gracias por tu contribucion, Rafael.

  2. Rafael says:

    Hola Sergio

    A mí siempre me ha intrigado la similitud entre los barcos vikingos y las embarcaciones hechas de totora de los Uros en el Titikaka
    Simple casualidad, simple coincidencia. No creo
    No existen las coincidencias.
    Es un tema interesante para investigar

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